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manufacturing sector

Manufacturing Chicago has been famously called "The City that Works." We have that moniker because Chicago has one of the largest manufacturing industries in the U.S. Explore the Manufacturing industry profile. …

life sciences sector

Life Sciences Chicago’s Life Sciences industry is a future powerhouse. Concentrated in and around our central business district, more lab space than ever is coming online. Chicago has a superlative…

Food Innovation & Manufacturing

Food Innovation & Manufacturing Chicago is the nation's food innovation and manufacturing capital. The city's proximity to the most productive farmland and an extensive transportation network helped grow the historic…


DisclaimerWorld Business Chicago ("WBC) makes no representation, warranty or guarantee regarding the use of WBC's website or mobile app and the information and materials accessed through either; WBC's website and mobile app and…

World Business Chicago and Verizon co-host Small Business Tech Symposium on Chicago’s West Side

On Tuesday, October 18, World Business Chicago and Verizon co-hosted a one-day event at Malcolm X College - focused on #tech for #smallbiz. This event aimed to empower small businesses in historically disinvested areas through technology - with a goa

Under-Represented Neighborhoods Receive Workforce Outreach Support

World Business Chicago has partnered with the Westside Ministerial Alliance, Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership, and various workforce centers throughout Chicago to develop targeted workforce outreach strategies for under-represented neighborhoods an

Two Chicago Entrepreneurs Turn to ChiBizHub to Grow their Businesses

Entrepreneurial Spotlight on Luxury Cake Company & Pier 31 With the successful launch of ChiBizHub, an initiative of World Business Chicago in late April, we’re spotlighting two local businesses, Luxury…


Since its founding in 1837, Chicago has attracted people from rural communities, the South and immigrants from abroad who sought a better life. The city offered hope and a place…

Chicago Growing, Second and Third Quarter 2017

Walgreens, Peapod and Mars Food grow in Chicago

Chicago Growing, First Quarter 2017

Microsystems and Trustwave expand global headquarters in Chicago
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