Strategic Location

Chicago is the nation's centerpoint, with a rich history as a trade hub. Our transportation infrastructure is unparalleled, making Chicago one of the most globally connected cities.

Chicago is a global freight and air travel hub.

Move Goods Easier

Chicago's transportation & logistics ecosystem is unrivaled, linking together an impressive collection of railroads, trucking operations, international airports, and industrial real estate to lead the nation in freight handling.

Move People Faster

Chicago is a central location for travelers and commuters, offering two world class airports, an extensive public transit network, and ten interstate highways.

A central location makes it easier to do business.

Chicago's strategic central location makes it highly accessible for people across the country. In an increasingly remote world, Chicago is the ideal location for service-providing industries and makes travel for residents smooth and simple.

Public Transit

Whatever your hybrid work structure is, your employees can seamlessly get to and around Chicago using a vast public transportation network comprised of the Metra, CTA, and Pace buses, as well as rentable bikes and scooters.

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