Cost of Business

More than any other large metro area, Chicago over-indexes on the size of our business ecosystem compared to the overall costs.

Our costs reflect a smaller city, with all the perks of a large city.

Talent and Workforce

With the nation's third largest workforce, Chicago businesses have access to the world’s best talent.

Chicago's Value Proposition

Relative to size, Chicago offers lower labor costs, made possible by an overall lower cost of living.

Chicago's economy is the most diverse in the nation

Chicago is the place to locate and grow your business. Our economy rivals nations around the globe, with a GDP of $795B, and is the most economically diverse metro in the U.S. 

Other cities have a lot to build before they catch up to the size of Chicago.

Chicago’s industrial real estate inventory is over 1.2 billion square feet. It's nearly double the size of the next-largest market. At a time when businesses need increased access to operations to improve supply chain resiliency, Chicago offers the space to grow at a competitive cost.

In Chicago, your business revenue can go toward milestones and not utilities.

Illinois recently enacted a nation-leading policy to address climate change. We also offer electricity at rates lower than the U.S. average. In addition, we rank better than many other states for commercial, industrial, and transportation electricity costs, including California and New York.

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