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Exciting New Insights into Chicagoland’s Economic Landscape

We are excited to share that the World Business Chicago Research Center, in collaboration with the Greater Chicagoland Economic Partnership (GCEP), has unveiled a new interactive online tool and comprehensive report that offers an in-depth analysis of Chicagoland’s economic landscape. We are also delighted to present a concise video that encapsulates the spirit of this pioneering regional collaboration. 

This initiative marks a significant milestone in our ongoing partnership, exemplifying the potent synergy and cohesive message that emerges when economic development leaders unite. Our interactive tools and report are meticulously designed to provide a data-centric perspective on the region’s economic prowess, spotlighting key strengths and areas primed for growth.


Key Insights:Diverse and Resilient Economy: Chicagoland boasts an economic tapestry woven with diverse assets, underscoring the region’s resilience. Each county within the region contributes distinct advantages, painting a holistic picture of economic vitality. Key data spanning human capital, industry base, innovation, natural assets, infrastructure, global reach, business environment and financial capital are comprehensively analyzed, underscoring affordability and an enhanced quality of life.On the road to becoming a Super Region with a labor pool that eclipses its counterparts and a yearly influx of over 147,000 graduates, Chicagoland stands as a megaregion. Our extensive industry clusters, robust supply chain resources, and formidable infrastructure echo the region’s industrial legacy and future potential.A Nexus of Knowledge and Innovation: Chicagoland is a bastion of technological innovation, driven by national labs, esteemed universities, and corporate innovators. The region’s manufacturing prowess and technological advancements foster an optimal ecosystem for the birth and growth of emerging industries.

We invite you to explore these invaluable resources, delve into the data, and join us in amplifying the compelling narrative of Chicagoland’s economic ascendance. Your insights, feedback, and shared narratives play a crucial role in echoing the strength and potential that defines our region.

For further details or inquiries, we invite you to contact Robin Ficke, SVP, Research, or Hannah Loftus, Regional Research Director. We also encourage you to share this exciting development within your networks and on LinkedIn and other social media platforms, amplifying the voice of a region poised for unprecedented growth and innovation.

Learn more at https://worldbusinesschicago.com/GCEP

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