Chicago Business Executives Met with Chicago CRED Participants at Mentorship Luncheon

On Wednesday, February 19, WBC and Carl Allegretti, Chicago Managing Partner at Deloitte LLP, hosted a networking luncheon at Deloitte with 25 Chicago CRED participants.

Chicago CRED is an organization focused on reducing gun violence through street outreach, coaching and counseling, workforce development, and advocacy and prevention. They work directly with the individuals who are most likely to carry a gun or get shot and in the communities where gun violence is most concentrated.

At the event, 32 Chicago business leaders, representing over 10 different industries including financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing, participated in networking roundtables with Chicago CRED, a group of motivated young men in need of work.

The goal of the luncheon was to create connections to eventually lead to job opportunities. By providing job opportunities for these individuals, the business community can contribute to the goal of decreasing crime in Chicago providing better opportunities for at-risk citizens.

For more information on Chicago CRED, check out their website at


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