Leading Chicago-London Venture Capitalists Convene for Virtual Summit

On Wednesday, July 29, World Business Chicago, ChicagoNEXT and London & Partners hosted a virtual exchange with five leading venture capitalists to provide their insight and perspective on the current state of innovation.

Joined by nearly 50 participants from Chicago, London, and around the world, the conversation centered on current trends in innovation capitalization with a specific focus on the impact of COVID-19.

Discussing a wide range of topics relevant to tech and innovation and answering questions directly from the audience including questions around scaling internationally, the exchange provided a direct platform for firms to connect with the VCs.

The panelists mentioned the unique resiliency of Chicago by highlighting the many assets of the city, including the value of working with World Business Chicago and ChicagoNEXT, the diverse economy allowing for a stronger return on investment compared to other markets, affordability and talent pool.

The conversation concluded with an optimistic outlook for global innovation after this year of disruption with each VC citing a promising future for Chicago and London.

World Business Chicago will be promoting other exchanges in the coming months. We encourage you to follow WBC on social media for updates.

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