Number 1 in Corporate Expansions and Relocations, Chicago Remains a Leading City to Do Business

Across the state, new and renewed construction projects are changing the way Illinoisans will live in the future. Few cities, if any, can compare to Chicago right now when it comes to being the hot place to do business. It has ranked first among U.S. communities in corporate expansions and relocations for the last five years, with 402 in 2017 alone. For the past six years, it has been the top U.S. city for foreign direct investment. Plus, it also has remained the most diverse of the largest U.S. metros when it comes to employment, with no sector accounting for more than 14 percent of its economy.

“We are a leading global city, and I’d like for us to continue to build on that.”

-Andrea Zopp, President & CEO of World Business Chicago

The reasons for this are manifold. For some companies, it’s the competitive costs when compared to some large coastal peers. For others, it’s the potential to tap into the $16 billion in annual R&D spend that takes place across the region. And for many, it’s the high-quality workforce pipeline that comes from being the leading destination for Midwest and Big Ten talent in engineering, business and computer science. Already ranked one of the top ten most competitive cities for business in the world, there’s reason, then, to be even more optimistic about the city’s future.

“We are a leading global city, and I’d like for us to continue to build on that,” says Andrea Zopp, president & CEO of World Business Chicago. “I’d like to see this as a place recognized as a place where innovation and technology really thrive, and as a place that has a strong local and Midwest talent but also a strong connection globally.”

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