Director of ChicagoNEXT, Abin Kuriakose Answers Questions on ThinkChicago Program

Q. Applications for the ThinkChicago Spring 2020 Resume Book just closed. What is the next step for those who have submitted their resume?

A. We’ve partnered with 20+ local companies and innovation hubs who’ve agreed to receive and review the resume book for their talent recruitment efforts in 2020. Every week, we’re engaging with local tech and innovation companies to understand their talent needs and how ThinkChicago can support these efforts. With a total collapse of on-campus recruiting, we’re working with our many local university partners to support their students during COVID-19.

Q. Can you share some ThinkChicago partner companies?

A. We have everything from fast-growing startups, to well-known Chicago tech companies like tastytrade and SpotHero. It’s reflective of the city’s great strength: the diversity of industries also includes the strong diversity of innovative companies who have a wide variety of talent needs – both technical and non-technical roles.

Q. Will there be other opportunities for students to submit their resumes to future resume books?

A. For the rest of the year, we’ll be working with the majority of local Chicago universities on a series of ThinkChicago webinars where we invite local tech community leaders to engage with students directly. We specifically invite leaders from companies who are hiring and we also ensure we collect their resumes.  

Q. If the Lollapalooza music festival is canceled, are you considering other options for the ThinkChicago Lollapalooza program?

A. We’re exploring an all virtual “ThinkChicago-at-Home” event for the last week of July, where we’ll invite college students from across the city and around the country to explore Chicago’s tech ecosystem digitally! More updates to come via

Q. How can we stay updated on the latest ThinkChicago info?

A. Visit, sign up for our email newsletter, and follow us on Instagram: @Think_Chicago

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