Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Revenew CEO Nasrin Thierer announced today that the marketing technology startup has relocated from Palatine to downtown Chicago. The new office, at 200 W. Monroe Street, places Revenew in the heart of the city’s tech startup community, and houses the company’s thirty-plus employees, with room to accommodate additional planned growth.

“Revenew’s relocation to downtown Chicago is a testament to our city’s growing status as a leading technology hub, which attracts the most innovative startups and top technology talent from all over the country,” said Mayor Rahm Emanuel. “I welcome Revenew to its new home and look forward to working with them and other startups as the industry continues to create 21st century jobs and opportunities for Chicagoans.”

“Revenew is the world’s first marketing network. We help big companies with local marketing through their channel,” said Nasrin Thierer, CEO and founder of Revenew, Inc. “This move is another big step forward for us. Being located in downtown Chicago now gives us greater access to top-quality talent and the resources that we need to continue our accelerated growth. It also allows us to have a closer relationship with our peers in the vibrant startup and tech community Chicago has become known for.”

Revenew’s office move is part of a growth plan driven by venture capital investment received in October 2013, when a $5 million Series B financing investment round was provided by the consortium of Allos Ventures, Illinois Ventures and TGap. This funding is being used to drive growth through entry into new industry segments, development of system functionality enhancements and integration with other leading marketing systems.

The Chicago region has gained a reputation as a hub where innovation-based companies can access capital to develop their business. Built In Chicago’s recent report found that in 2013, more than 270 digital startups were established in Chicago, receiving more than $1 billion in venture funding – a 169 percent increase over the previous year.

“Supporting innovation and entrepreneurship is a key component of Mayor Emanuel’s Plan for Economic Growth and Jobs, which World Business Chicago is currently implementing,” said World Business Chicago President & CEO Jeff Malehorn. “As Chicago’s tech community continues to prosper, we look forward to working with Revenew as a part of our ChicagoNEXT effort to drive growth in the industry.”

Revenew’s cloud-based channel marketing solution enables its users to share marketing content, tools, dollars and results. Revenew is fundamentally changing the way brands fund and engage their channel by providing license-free access to a system that does not require the reseller to be a marketing expert. The power of Revenew’s solution is that it uses one single platform and works for everyone in the channel: brands, distributors, buying groups, associations and, most importantly, the resellers. Traditionally, the top 20 percent of a brand’s resellers receive support – on Revenew, a brand can support 100 percent of their resellers with free access to co-branded content and the marketing engine to run their campaigns. No longer is a brand constrained by limited resources and no longer does the reseller have to create their own content or be a marketing expert to run a campaign.

Revenew’s solution is well established in the consumer electronics industry with over 40 brands and over 2,000 resellers using the network. Revenew is establishing similar networks in the healthcare, telecom and IT industries. All of these growing sectors have a great presence in Chicago, making the company’s new location ideal for access to existing clients and new customers.

Revenew CEO Nasrin Thierer is an innovative leader and experienced entrepreneur with a proven track record building new businesses and optimizing distribution channels. She has a strong background in marketing and business management from her twenty-plus years at Motorola and time running her own consultancy. Thierer is active in the Chicago entrepreneurial community as a member of the Chicago Entrepreneurial Center (CEC) and 1871. She is also a member of the Executives’ Club of Chicago and serves on the board of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.


Revenew is a license-free network that empowers brands and their channels to run effective local marketing. It is the only technology platform that enables a network of manufacturers, resellers and industry groups to promote brands and generate local demand together through distributed marketing. On Revenew’s cloud-based networking platform, members build targeted databases, access and share marketing content and funds online, customize and co-brand integrated campaigns and track results. The Revenew Marketing Network enables brand members to manage their channel marketing investment and reseller members to run co-branded, integrated marketing programs faster and easier so they can get back to business.

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