The outbreak of Coronavirus has caused a shortage of medical supplies that can be used to protect against the virus in China. Coronavirus is currently affecting many areas of China, including Chicago’s sister cities of Shanghai and Shenyang, as well as Chicago’s gateway city of Wuhan. A significant amount of people have been affected by this virus and supplies are running low in China. 

We are seeking your support for this relief effort. We have two ways for you to help:

  1. Chicago Sister Cities International (CSCI) is accepting donations via this link. These funds will be sent directly to our sister cities with the support of the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Chicago. 
  2. The below is a list of items are needed. If you are able to provide these supplies in large quantities, please reach out to CSCI International Program Manager, Ella McCann ( or (312) 201-4537.

Supplies Needed: 

  1. Infrared thermometers
  2. Medical use masks (Standard: NIOSH N95/N99 + Fluid resistant)
  3. Medical single-use protective clothing according to GB19082-2009 standard: (ASTM F1671-A; SH 42 CFR84; ANSI/AAMI PB70)


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