Seven of the City’s World-Class Innovation Hubs Will be Hosting Investors from Across the Midwest and Country to Explore why Chicago Thrives as a Tech Hub

For the third year in a row, the Chicago Venture Summit is excited to announce the return of seven industry showcases to highlight the rich diversity of the city’s thriving startup ecosystem on April 22 and 23.  

In its fifth edition, the Chicago Venture Summit brings together investors, startup founders, and business leaders from across the country to highlight Chicago’s role as a leading, global hub for startup investment, entrepreneurship, and innovation. The 2020 Venture Summit will take place April 22-23, 2020 at Google Chicago and will be hosted by ChicagoNEXT, WBC’s dedicated initiative to drive inclusive growth and opportunity for Chicago’s tech and innovation economy.

As part of the Summit’s full, two-day program, seven innovation hubs will be hosting industry showcases on Wednesday, April 22, each with a unique showcase theme:

  1. University of Chicago’s Polsky Center: Deep Tech
  2. mHUB: Physical Product Innovation, IoT
  3. TechNexus: Corporate Innovation, Industrial Tech & Enterprise SAAS
  4. FinTank: Fintech
  5. MATTER: Healthcare
  6. 1871: Early Stage, Diversity & Inclusion
  7. Cleveland Avenue: Food & Beverage Innovation 

Summit 2020 participants will experience the breadth and diversity of Chicago’s thriving tech economy when they attend an industry showcase which will include a presentation of the respective innovation hub, keynote speaker focused on the theme and pitches from Chicago entrepreneurs seeking their next round of funding.  

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