Chicago’s newest venture capital fund seeks to invest $10M in Black & Latinx Founders

Only 2.6% of venture capital funding goes to Black and Latinx founders.

Only 3.6% of angel investors are Black and Latinx, combined.

On the other side of these barriers, we see a $2 Trillion opportunity.

Introducing Capitalize VC, a venture capital firm focused on harnessing the power of venture capital to empower a community of diverse entrepreneurs and investors.

Chicago’s newest venture capital firm invests in both high-growth technology solutions through traditional venture capital structures and scalable lifestyle brands through a revenue-based financing model. This unique model enables them to deliver the potential for both traditional VC returns and the opportunity for earlier liquidity for investors.

Founded and led by former tech entrepreneur and experienced VC, Tessa Flippin, her firm is on a mission to shift the paradigm of venture capital. Investment committee members Tony Wilkins, Wayne Moore, Brett Bivens, Dare Kolawole, Rowan Richards, Selene Diaz, Aaron D Sims, and Amani M.. World Business Chicago was proud to have Tessa as a speaker at our 2021 Chicago Venture Summit, the city’s flagship VC and startup conference this past September 27-29.

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