By Sam Dewey, Built in Chicago

headshot_woodyma_cto_doughdough, Inc. is made up of tastytrade, a fast-growing financial network that produces eight hours of live, original, and financially educational programming each day of the work week, and dough, a trading platform that was built to make investing more engaging and interactive.

As Chief Technology Officer, dough Inc.’s Linwood Ma is at the intersection of all the company’s tech and product decisions. His leadership has steered dough, Inc. to the success it sees today.

Despite the mammoth technological responsibilities he champions at work, Ma still says the largest technical hurdle he’s ever overcome has been teaching his parents how to use Microsoft Windows.

“You suffer through it,” he said. “Soul crushing, but they’re your parents, right?”

Built in Chicago caught up with Ma to learn more about what’s powering dough’s technology.


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