Chicago Venture Summit Future-of Logistics is The Largest #ChiVentureSummit Ever | World Business Chicago



Chicago Venture Summit Future-of Logistics is The Largest #ChiVentureSummit Ever

Chicago Venture Summit Future-of Logistics is The Largest #ChiVentureSummit Ever

10 #s to recap the event happenings and attendees of the Future-of-Logistics

1) Registered 850+ founders, innovators, & investors

2) Representation from 450+ unique corporations, investment firms, start-ups, non-profits, non-profits, & other  innovation ecosystem entities

3) Showcased 65+ #TDL-focused startups from Chicago & around the world:

4) Welcomed 110+ investment & VC firms from around the country

5) Brilliant keynotes from the 4 sponsors Uber Freight, project44, Loadsmart, & MIH | Mobility in Harmony

6) Content-rich panels (3 of them) focused on the future-of-corporate-innovation, future-of-startups, & future-of-VC

7) Convened 52 sponsors & partners, an incredible showing of the #Chicago ecosystem coming together

8) Representation of 16 countries via our Consul Generals, trade offices, & international companies who registered

9) TechRise Chicago for their second live pitch competition at #ChiVentureSummit

10) World Business Chicago’s 3rd  #ChiVentureSummit at 167 Green in #Chicago’s thriving Fulton Market District


In case you missed it:

The Chicago Business Bulletin for Logistics Tech was updated with current data

2 LinkedIn Lives aired live from the summit with guest research experts Robin Ficke and Hannah Loftus, and FreightWaves Chief Economist Anthony Smith, and are available to rewatch

Mayor Lori Lightfoot proclaimed Oct. 7th as GenZ VC Day in Chicago in this official press release

Chicago & Midwest are no longer flyover country, but a national stomping ground 🚀#ChicagoOverEverything

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