Chicago is unlike any city in the world.

Since 1837, Chicago has literally been built on reinvention and ceaseless innovation.  Expansion and reinvention are a core part of Chicago’s identity and helped establish the city as a global economic powerhouse.

Today, the city’s scale, diversity, and connectivity let businesses recruit the best talent in any industry, develop innovative products and adopt new technologies, reach any corner of the world, and enjoy a global lifestyle that offers something for everyone.

Nowhere else will you find the diversity, ingenuity, tenacity, connectivity, and culture of Chicago.

Chicago Loop Alliance

Nowhere else can you access a center of business with the values, the spirit of acceptance, and the urban transit and affordability that are sought by young and diverse talent.

Choose Chicago 100 Reasons

The most diversified urban economy in the United States

Chicago has the versatility to adapt to a changing world, combined with a long tradition of industry and innovation that has made it the most diversified urban economy in the United States

Chicago’s connectivity is unmatched.

Our location in America’s heartland has made us a strategic hub of transportation and logistics. As a critical intersection of people and goods by air, water, rail, and road—plus fulfillment centers and data networks.

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