Apply for Summer 2023 Cultural Showcase Pop-ups

World Business Chicago invites interested local, small businesses, with culturally authentic products, to apply for Summer 2023 Cultural Showcase pop-ups. Email: Nicolette Peters at for more information.

 Featured Michigan Avenue Showcases


*410 N. Michigan

Awaiting you is an immersive experience from Argentina, enjoy 5411 Empanadas, Joan of Arc, Paxci-Trisquel rugs, and other authentic goods.

*Argentine Connection is now closed for the season.*

605 N. Michigan

Here you will find handmade Mexican clothing, tropical décor, jewelry, art and other cultural treasurers. The beautiful space is host to cultural events like mezcal tastings, local art exhibitions, soccer viewing parties and more.


400 N. Michigan

The Nordic House Chicago showcases the uniqueness of the Nordic region through an immersive experience of images, video, quality retail goods, food and culture.

World Business Chicago created three cultural pop-up retail experiences featuring Chicago small businesses offering authentic goods, apparel, and more from Argentina, Mexico and Nordic nations. What to expect: 

  • Great finds from a home country, a favorite destination, or gift.

  • Culturally influenced experiences within a transformed vacant or underutilized storefront hosted by local small businesses

The pop-ups are the perfect intersection of economic development + culture + small business.   

Promotional passports are available at one of the three cultural experiences of Winter 2022- Summer 2023 season. Get stamps from each, and while supplies last, enjoy a limited-edition keepsake.


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The Consular Showcases, part of Chicago’s COVID Recovery Plan, are a series of “pop-ups” that focus on a consulate, their culture, and Chicago businesses that represent that culture. Each showcase has transformed a vacant downtown storefront by highlighting small, local businesses, providing residents, guests and visitors with an enriching, immersive experience.

These showcases are intended to:

  1. Highlight Chicago’s culturally diverse communities.
  2. Promote small Chicago businesses and provide them with a unique opportunity to market themselves and grow revenue.
  3. Increase foot traffic and commercial spending in downtown Chicago.

The Cultural Showcases Program was first piloted with Colores Mexicanos located at 605 N. Michigan Avenue, opening as a temporary pop-up in 2021. This retail experience was so successful, Colores Mexicanos extended its lease and inspired the 2022 openings of The Argentinian Connection and the Nordic House.

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