Title: Market Your City to the Next Gen- the How, the Y & the Z


The next generation of CEOs are out there, right now, incubating future ideas. To reach these audiences, marketers need to adjust their communication style to capture this audience with short form video content, in-person engagement and speaking the language of this audience. Corporate-speak isn’t going to cut it with Gen Z who want to feel safe and connected. Enticing young talent with a great paycheck isn’t enough either when this group is looking for mission driven work especially following the return to office struggles post-pandemic.


  1. Get in the room with your target audience & create short form content to get empirical data and gather feedback in the comments section of your posts.

  2. Learn how every organization can support the wellness of their employees, in an authentic needs based way, by shifting thinking from “me to we".

  3. Create programs that tie your mission to what your audience needs - how Chicago built a startup ecosystem for founders who don’t come from privilege.


  1. Meriem Sadoun is a dedicated creative marketer and storyteller with 11 years of experience, turned marketer in 2020. She serves as Director of Marketing and Communications at World Business Chicago (WBC), which includes running an in-house content and strategy team, actualizing campaigns for Chicago, and marketing flagship events like the Chicago Venture Summit, Cultural Showcase Pop-up Markets, and the Black and Brown Excellence Investment Summit. Outside of WBC, she runs her freelance creative agency, Amashahoo Creative Studios, assisting clients in digital transformation strategy and brand building, while writing as a contributing author to Good Sport focusing on stories of Muslim Women and Black Women athletes. Recently, Meriem was awarded film funding for an Algerian-American story. 
  2. Melissa Warneke currently leads Aon’s Sustainable Procurement efforts with a focus on Environmental Sustainability, Supplier Diversity / Economic Inclusion, and risk governance. Melissa has an extensive background in leading impactful change within organizations and focusing on building a resilient supply chain. She has worked in a variety of leadership roles across client delivery, consulting and operations so she appreciates the practitioner side of bringing strategy to life while implementing change for large organizations.
  3. Beatriz Kauffman  has a genuine desire to empower students and guide them towards meaningful careers led her to make a bold transition to World Business Chicago (WBC), the public-private nonprofit organization dedicated to the economic development of the city of Chicago and the prosperity of it’s 77 neighborhoods. At WBC, Beatriz helps shape the future of Chicago's talent landscape through her leadership in the ThinkChicago program. As a key team member, she plays a crucial part in devising the city's strategy for attracting and retaining early career talent, connecting students with exciting opportunities in the city, educating and marketing to high schoolers about the economic landscape of the city, and helping to diversify pipelines of talent through professional development programming.


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