World Business Chicago is working with stakeholders to amplify the call to bring the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health or ARPA-H to the Chicago region. The campaign is led via social media using digital touchpoints. The case for Chicago is best made through your contributions as key players in the life sciences ecosystem.

#WhyChicago for ARPAH?

Chicago is a life sciences hub. The Chicago-area and the state of Illinois compete with traditional life science hubs to root ARPA-H at the core of America’s heartland. You can play a role as an advocate for Chicago's bid to house the research agency ARPA-H:

  • Share the digital assets at the bottom of this page on your social media.
  • Connect us with your marketing/communications team to amplify the call.
  • Urge your media connections to report on Chicago as the next big thing in life sciences.

Illinois delegates came together to announce the region's bid for ARPA-H on the basis of: 

About ARPA-H

According to the White House's announcement of the creation of ARPA-H, the agency is proposed to stand as a bold research initiative housed under the National Institute of Health (NIH), set apart by its distinct research style to achieve health breakthrough. As the Gateway to the Midwest Innovation, stakeholders across the Chicago region and the state of Illinois are collaborating to pitch Chicago as the location for ARPA-H. 

Join us in making the best case for Chicago as the home for ARPA-H. Use the digital assets below and contribute quote.

As a funder in life science research, Walder Foundation knows the innovation and vision of Chicago scientists and research institutions. The multidisciplinary excellence, combined with a commitment to collaboration and health equity in its work, makes Chicago an ideal partner for ARPA-H. Together we can unlock true breakthroughs in health that benefit all people.

Elizabeth M. Walder
President and Executive Director, Walder Foundation

Your Involvement

Use the relevant hashtags (#Chicago_ARPAH and #ARPAH) and assets linked here. Talk about how great a fit Chicago is to this potential opportunity. Help us show ARPA-H decision makers why Chicagoland is the perfect location for ARPA-H. If you have strong connections with any media who could be pitched to report on this effort to promote, support, and help this news travel far and wide, please reach out.

The University of Illinois Chicago (UIC) is Chicago’s largest and only public research institution with an academic health system focused on health equity and community engagement. As a collaborative hub, UIC is impacting education, innovation and sponsored research for the transformation of Chicago, and will be a ready ARPA-H partner in continuing to drive life-changing health breakthroughs.

Javier Reyes
Interim Chancellor, University of Illinois Chicago

Social Media Toolkit

Use the relevant hashtags (#Chicago_ARPAH and #ARPAH) and share the assets below.

Talk about how great a fit Chicago is to this potential opportunity. Help us show ARPA-H decision makers why Chicagoland is the perfect location for ARPA-H.

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Aligned completely with ARPA-H’s mission, the Chicago Biomedical Consortium finds and funds biomedical research from UChicago, Northwestern, and UIC that will become breakthrough medicines. Because we live this every day, connecting Chicago’s best scientific ideas to the clinical and technical capabilities that produce therapeutic realities, we know that ARPA-H will thrive here in Chicago.

Michelle Hoffmann, PhD
Executive Director, The Chicago Biomedical Consortium

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